Call For Papers The CFP is opened till August the 31th 2019

DevFest Vladivostok will take place in Coworking DOM at 28th of September 2019. This year we expect more than 200 participants!

If you have something to say to developers community do not hesitate and submit a talk DevFest Vladivostok Call for Papers Call for Papers is expected to be open until end of August, but do not wait until the end to have a chance to be a promoted featured speaker!


We are open for a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:


We have two types of talks and workshops

Two types of talks are available:

Can I submit a talk with another speaker?

Yes but 2 maximum (you included). On the CFP website, fill in the e-mail of the other speaker, they must have previously registered on the CFP with the same address.

What is the expected format for slides?

You can present your conference from your own computer, or provide us with the slides in PDF format in advance. We expect you to share the slides with the audience after the conference. The slides theme is entirely free, and the presentations will then be broadcast on the YouTube channel GDG Vladivostok, which already hosts the presentations of previous years.

Let’s propose a talk!

Click here NOW! DevFest Vladivostok Call for Papers If you are unsure or need help with your talk, feel free to write it right in the CFP. We will happily support you and advice on any issues.